£10 now N10k, be careful with men coming to Nigeria for Christmas — Actress Mary Njokwu

Nollywood actress Mary Njoku has warned Nigerian girls to be wary of men coming from abroad to spend the Christmas holiday in Nigeria. She made the remark on her Instagram page on Tuesday.

Njoku said a lot of them will come into the country with the intention of deceiving them and would sway a lot of ladies with their accents.

The actress recounted a time during her childhood days, “a street brother came from London telling them he has a law firm, years later she traveled and saw the same person working in a barber’s shop in the UK, so no one should be deceived with I Just Got Back (IJGB).”

Njoku wrote, “£10 is now 10k. So be careful with IJGB this Christmas. ‘ I wanna gonna’ is NOT a measure of one’s intelligence or success📌📌

“*Date who you truly like so you don’t feel deceived. *Sapa is a universal thing. E dey EVERYWHERE.“

Meanwhile, the actress said accent is not a criteria for measuring an individual’s intelligence or success.

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