Peter Obi, his supporters are rats making noise — Dayo Israel

“A lion is not threatened by the noise of a rat in its backyard. We are not threatened because we are not sitting on our arms. We are setting up this task force to mobilize the youth”.“The APC youth wing is like a lion that is ready to roar and we will not be defeated. We’re going to be inaugurating another special committee next week that is going to focus on the introduction of E membership for the APC youth wing. We’re going to start registering young people by the grace of the Almighty into our youth wing of our party.”

“We are all in the mood for victory as we are going to the 2023 polls from the standpoint of winners. We are sure that with the support of the over 120 million Nigerian youths and students in addition to other votes that come from other angles, the traders, bankers, educators, politicians and so on, the victory is certain for our Presidential candidate, Senator Bola Tinubu and every other flag bearers representing our party at different levels.”

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