Open Letter To Nigerians By The conevener of Evans for Tinubu 2023

I want to use this medium to let us all know that together we stand, divided we shall fall. Again whatever we do has to align with the ideology of our presidential Candidate ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU.
we may have separate views but we are all working towards same unspoken goal, which is that satisfaction every human achieves from working no matter how little on any endeavor and achieving the motive behind that work.
I want us all to believe that Asiwaju tinubu is a man of benevolence. He has always been like that .he has always done significant things to help and promote humanity. In the sense that a little act of kindness can change a generation.
My reason for this open letter is to tell Nigerians why we need to vote for transparency and accountability. Now we have all known Asijwaju for years and know he is a man of principles such as but not limited to hardwork ,patience,doggedness, perseverance and most importantly loyalty to and a strong believe in equality and justice.
I want to use this medium to urge all well meaning Nigerians come 2023 let's speack with one loud voice and say no to corruption, ethnin violence, injustice , discrimination and religious fanaticism. Let's vote Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.
Thank you to all peace loving and well meaning Nigerians.

Published by team Evans for tinubu support group