Nnamdi Kanu: Why Britain must come down hard Nigeria, Kenya – Family

Kingsley ‘Kanunta’ Kanu, younger brother of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), on Saturday asked Britain to “come down hard upon the governments of Nigeria and Kenya”.
Politics reports that according to Kingsley, failure of the European nation to sanction both African countries over the June 2021 arrest of his brother, who is a Nigerian-British citizen, will imply that “for Britain, the rule of law is a hobby”.

“If Britain does not come down hard upon @GovNigeria and @StateHouseKenya on #MaziNnamdiKanu rendition to Nigeria, it suggests that, for British, the rule of law is a hobby,” Kingsley wrote on his known Twitter handle.

Although Nnamdi Kanu’s family, lawyers, and supporters have always expressed their absolute displeasure with the manner the separatist leader was arrested in Kenya and transferred to Nigeria, branding it “extraordinary rendition”. But the Federal High Court in Abuja, in April, validated the repatriation of the IPOB leader.

The judge, Binta Nyako, dismissed Kanu’s claim that the federal government illegally repatriated him from Kenya to Nigeria without following a formal extradition procedure.

In her ruling, Mrs Nyako held that his repatriation to Nigeria could not be said to be illegal when there was a “surviving bench warrant” for the IPOB leader’s arrest.

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