NANS commiserate with the bereaved who was swept away by flood, charges Ondo state government to be more responsible


```28-06-2022```Commiseration Message & Charge To Responsibility

Solidarity greetings to you from the apex students body in Ondo State; an embodiment of all students union/associations in the sunshine state.
The leadership of NANS JCC Ondo State under the aegis of Comrade Omotosho Surprise is appalled by the gruesome death of a minor,Motunyaro John who was a student of Mount Carmel Girls Secondary School in Ikare.

One with human feelings must weep and be saddened by her unprecedented death,it hurts to the brim that the little girl(full of potentias) was swept away by flood and found lifeless after her body was recovered.
An injury to one is an injury to all as such the leading hegemony of NANS JCC Ondo State sympathize with the family of the deceased for the loss they have sustained,of course the society at large has suffered from this huge loss by the death of a prospective future leader whose life was taken by the lackadaisical attitude,the negligence of the school to monitor the pupil.
Of course the school must also take responsibility and a share of the blame,they must be vigilant, responsible to securing the lives of these innocent Students under their watch.
Sadly, having waited for days,we realized the state government are being lackadaisical as regards the death of the young girl, this is disheartening, inhumane and the negligence of the state government to addressing this subject matter has propelled us to speak.

Without mincing words,the Commissioner for Environment and commissioner for Education are indolent,of a truth they have not been responsible enough, they have also failed in the prompt discharge of their official duties.
One must begin to wonder why Ondo state government is yet to address the press or give a detailed account of this odious incident that happened on Monday, 25th of June 2022 till this very moment.
As a proactive body,we would not be so insensitive and inconsistent to speak as regards pertinent matters and issues like this in our society.
At this juncture,as we sympathize with the bereaved,we are calling out the state government especially the commissioner for education and environment to come to action and do that which is necessary and expected of them.

In our utmost desires,it is our prayer,aspiration and hope that evil occurrence cease in our environment.

Yours in service,
Comrade Omotoso Surprise

Comrade Akinola Elijah Temitope

Comrade Ogunjimi Tolulope James

Comr. Olanisimi Babatunde Olarewaju 
Director of Media and Publicity 

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