What Do You Think About Bella Shmurda’s New Single, “Fuck Off” Going To Be His Next Big Hit Or Not

Bella Shmurda’s latest, “Fvck Off” is another lifestyle song that details the way he lives his life and the kind of energy he gives out. It’s actually like most of his other songs.
Produced by Niphkeys, the instrumental is interesting but it is also not anything new. It’s the regular thing a talented producer like Niphkeys would do for an artist like Bella Shmurda.

There’s not a lot to say about “Fvck Off” really, except that it’s just going to be another track like “My Friend.” His real fans will enjoy this one, but everyone else wouldn’t care. And this most likely won’t be a hit like “Cash App” or “Rush.” Most likely not.

That’s not to say it’s still not a good song. It’s lyrically okay and it’s an interesting jam too. Just nothing special.

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