Tinubu2023: My Passion For Tinubu's Aspiration Is On Personal Conviction, Evans Chides Blackmailers

The convener of Evans for Tinubu 2023, Evans Moses has reacted to the accusations going around that he and his team have collected funds from the frontline aspirant for President under the All Progressive Congress(APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to engage youth to garner support for his aspiration ahead 2023 general elections.
He reacted to this ridiculous accusation while responding to the pressmen in Akure yesterday. He stated that the accusation is not only ridiculous but laughable.

"The accusation that I received a bribe from Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to support his aspiration for President is not new since we started this journey. We have heard similar accusations multiple times. However, it is laughable. I'm not deterred by the smear accusation by blackmailers as time will tell how much we invested my passion and resources for Asiwaju".

He further disclosed that before the outset of the movement he never had an encounter with Tinubu except for his natural admiration of his person.

"It is impossible to receive a bribe from someone you have never had an opportunity to meet in person or have contact with. Evans for Tinubu Movement started with my passion and belief in Tinubu's ideology. I do not share hatred with these blackmailers because I believe in the position of love, which I equally have for my country which I believe can be effectively managed by Asiwaju in the next political dispensation. Bola Tinubu is a reliable leader and has laid great legacies across the country than other aspirants put together.

"I want all the authors of this unfound accusation to desist from unhealthy criticismsm and embrace developmental politics. I do not need many words to say why Asiwaju is the best personality ever to be supported and canvassed for in the upcoming general election.

"I'm not out here to make money through my support for Tinubu's Presidency ambition, but as a patriotic Nigerian who has always wanted the best for Nigeria and all Nigerians. Therefore, I urge you all to join us in endorsing and supporting Ahmed Bola Tinubu to revamp Nigeria into a country that thrives in all ramifications.

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