Tinubu2023: loyalists, followers and Comrades storms Akure for Evans For Tinubu 2023” Movement

There was a colossal Crusade stormed with gallant comrades in Akure the capital city of Ondo state. The crusade was attended by very comrades with intellectuals thoughts from different parts of Ondo state.
In attendance, Evans Moses the convener of “Evans for Tinubu 2023” and other team members with a lot of deliberation, misunderstanding and arrived at top light matters with a successful solutions. This on a note, took decisions on next movement and strategies to come with political techniques in other win the both primary and general election because the assurance of Ahmed Bola Tinubu winning is certain to the maximum.
From different circumstances derived in distinguished opinions, some of the team members who has gone far with their dedication for the movement assures the team leaders and team members not to be threatened with actions from the oppositions. That fliers and the cap tagged with the structure is also a big threat that frightened the oppositions as well.
They made it clear that in this movement there is no betray but every body should be captured with political prayers and preaching the gospel of Ahmed Bola Tinubu to be delivered as the president. We are not naïve nor gullible of the happenings of the oppositions who are still on public service who can’t deliver there agendas clearly. So there is no problem in Tinubu Movement compare to other competitors.
And just in a moment of that they said posters and billboard pasting will be done the following day rampaging the city and bombarding the city with a lot of fliers, caps on heads and the very strategic corners will be on billboard. In view of this at the time posters were already pasted round the city.
Published by :” Evans for Tinubu 2023” Media Team.

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