Recent Schemes To Subvert The Will Of The People In Odigbo Constituency2 Through Conspiracy With Officials OF Inec

Our attention has been drawn to a yet plot by a desperate aspirant in Odigbo constituency 2 and his cohorts to manipulate the will of the delegates and people in the upcoming All Progressive Congress (APC) Senatorial primary in Ondo South.
We are reliably informed according to leaked information from their camp that the new scheme on the top of the alternative list of undemocratic and selfish plans to impose the aspirant on members of the party after a series of failed attempts, is a new conspiracy instituted and now perfected by bribing officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) not to monitor or observe the primary election and yet accept the manipulated results that will be transmitted to the "Independent Body".

Fasonu Babatunde the son of Chief Bunmi Fasonu aka Man Pass Man who happens to be a long time friend of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has been boasting up and down to do whatever it takes to clinch the ticket of Odigbo Constituency 2 with the help of Mr Governor. Pa Fasonu is a board member of Michelin in Araromi Obu Rubber Estate as if that isn't enough he wanted to impose his unpopular son with the support of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. 

The question eagle eyes is asking is, why jumping from pillar to post when they are popular? It should be noted that one or two persons obtained forms alongside Fasonu Babatunde which make the process of a consensus cumbersome or almost impossible except going to the primaries to test their popularity and whoever emerges will be the party candidate.

At this juncture, it is important to gear up the fainting minds of these desperate individuals who are afraid of going to the field for a free, fair, and credible primary Election, that the electoral act stipulated that the Independent National Electoral Commission MUST monitor every primary election, otherwise, the election is null and void. 

Therefore, we are calling the attention of the leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC), from the ward level to the national level, to take note of the implications of the above plot which is tantamount to tearing apart the cohesion between members of the party and may also implicate the party from fielding any candidate in the general election as we will not hesitate to embark on litigation in protest if such plan or any other electoral inconsistencies come to play after all.

We are also calling on the Chairman of INEC, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu to ensure that the electoral umpire under his watch performs its duties within the ethics of an independent body without fear or favor.

Lastly, we call on all members of APC, the people of Ondo South, and Nigeria as a whole to take note of our great concerns. We will go to any length to resist every plan to turn over the choice of the delegates and the people.

Odigbo Reporter, reporting from odigbo local government.
(Eagle Eyes)

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