Killing of Debora: Every Christian should rise and defend our faith —Rev. Fr. Mbaka

“This is what I have been saying. Christians are facing allots of battles. Christians should not begin to fight among themselves.“Inter religious and intra religious war should stop. Inter and Intra denominational war should stop. I am pleading with those who are fighting against Fr Mbaka and Adoration Ministry to go to Sokoto and fight those who killed one of our daughters (Deborah) .

“Should that girl (Deborah) be killed? Every Christian should rise and defend our faith. The hour has come. It’s a challenge of faith. How many of them that insulted Jesus have been killed?

“Is it still one country? If Nigeria is going to be one country let it be, but if this is what we are going to be experiencing let everybody go home. I said it last Sunday and I am repeating it again.”

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