Just in: “Evans Moses” Educate Politicians About Leadership

This he said at his Library in Akure Ondo State the convener of “Evans For Tinubu 2023” Evans Moses during an oral interview with the news men yesterday, he said, I specifically prepared this note for prior misplaced Politicians who has no knowledge of leadership activism.

“ Leadership is not by mouth, but is by swinging into action and put in place of action . Disposition of Leadership in our today country is prior displacement of democracy.

Total tangible and foresight leadership uprightly entail democracy to enhance every human around the social predominant location that revolves you. In prior to the above statement, it encourage good characters that conduct enabling circumstances that raises environments above terrorism and patterns that inculcate vises in the nation and all the propagated national disasters and economy hazard are caused by this improper propagation of leadership in the nation.

Economy hazard and total brouhaha of state and federal governments is due to this improper placement of leadership mantle turning governance to a broad unlivable places for citizens. Capital circulations are substantial Zero. Leaders with no single  ideology of capital terms and investment to encapsulate and to secure jobs and employment for the youths.

From my core values of existence as a youth and to my little knowledge, I could easily say leadership is not humility, respect, reputable in outspoken or what we called intelligent. But leadership is a community of fairness and doing the right thing and it also involves the use of a word called generosity, hearing from the followers and abide to the hearings and always making your forefront to be the followers of the citizens in relate to this written matter. Having the developmental , economical and infrastructural knowledge to build a  nation  with little or large resources  owns by the nation or  the state. To makes use of the state or national  tool rightfully.

Published by: “Evans for Tinubu 2023” Media Team.

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