ASUU Strike: The Atrocity And Unpatriotism Of The Nigeria Army


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

We write with utmost disdain to expressing our absolute resentment towards the unprofessionalism and attack by Nigerian army on harmless peaceful protesting Students who have only come out to show their displeasure and bitterness on the street as a result of the ongoing ASUU strike that has stampeded academic activities of university students for months and to express their dissatisfaction over the negligence of federal government.
This odious saga is highly obnoxious, sardonic and barbaric in a sovereign state.The display of unprofessionalism by the Nigerian army is highly unpatriotic and condemnable as no sane military officer in his right mental health would shoot on peaceful Nigerian students who were only exercising their franchise.
The Nigerian students took to the street in solidarity within the context of the Nigeria constitution which gives room for a peaceful solidarity movement, to protest against the incessant ASUU strike and negligence of federal government demanding for the resumption of academic activities having spent 3 months at home.
However it is so disappointing that our military personnels that are supposed to see to the security of the country and her people ended up misplacing their priorities by launching attack on the very people they're meant to safeguard.
Sadly,we do not expect these military officers that are supposed to curb & end insurgency, banditry among others to open fire on students showing their grievances.
We're of the belief that if they need to display their shooting skills, they know where best to go do that(the North and of course some parts of southern Nigeria where we have insecurity at its peak) and not on peaceful Nigerian students.

Today being the 17th day of May 2022, a gruesome event took place in Akure the state capital of Ondo as military personnel coming from 2 Division, Ibadan the Oyo state capital on their way to a shooting range competition in Jos the Plateau state capital shot at and disrupted the peace of the solidarity movement of Nigerian students' by sporadically shooting guns at unarmed protesters thereby causing unrest within the environment.
These military officers aimed their guns at the NANS JCC ONDO Chairman and other students, students union presidents, student leaders present but by the fortune of providence we had our ways and fled away from the ugly scenario, these military personnel shot at vehicles parked on the road (venue of the protest), and they also vandalized students properties which includes; Sound System, Laptops, Canopies and Food stuffs, phones and many other valuables were lost in the course of trying to scamper for safety in the face of the murderers who were committing sacrilege with the highly reverend and globally treasured Nigerian amry uniform.

The situation has left us helpless, remind us of the dark days of Nigeria in the brutal hands of dictators. We thought never again, would we have monsters in our treasured national arsenal but we may be wrong until the leadership of the Nigerian Army proves otherwise.

To our greatest surprise, all these were done without a tactical approach or consultation with the student leaders present (this is against military intelligence and mode of operation). We share in the grieve that Nigeria Army now perpetrates more evil than terrorist sect. Could this be the reason why terrorism is still on the rise. We wondered how this same trigger hungry fellows could not stop the National Dark Day in our most recent history that happened in Kaduna. Leading to the death of professionals, ordinary citizens including medical doctor.

We are asking the COAS Lt Gen Farouk Yahaya and the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces, Rt. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR); President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, when will these ugly incidence and national embarrassment end?
At this juncture,the leadership of NANS JCC ONDO under the leadership of Comrade Omotoso Surprise condemns unequivocally, this repugnant and barbaric act by the Nigerian army which depicts that the lives of Nigerian students are worthless before them.
Without much ado,we wish to reiterate the fact that the Nigerian Students are not insurgents as such the Nigeria army should channel their anger to the appropriate quarters and desist from disrupting the peaceful solidarity movement of Nigerian Students.
NANS JCC Ondo state hereby call on the State Government, Federal Government, and the Nigerian Army who must take responsibility and ensure the perpetrators of this obscene acts are brought to book because this is an act of felony committed against Nigerian students.
We also demand a public apology from the said force (Nigeria Army) and that valuables carted away by this elements, those lost and destroyed during the criminal operation be immediately restored. And that the army takes full responsibility for the treatment of injured persons during the ugly scenario.

That we await the immediate response of the Nigeria Army.
That in the face of their unrepentant and brazen rape of our nascent democracy, they will have Nigerian students to contend with.

That after 48 hours, beginning from the day of incident, we shall relocate the stand point of our protest to the Nigerian Army barracks until they are done killing everyone of us, since they are only trigger friendly on civilians and pets to criminals.

We reiterate without mincing words, that the leadership of NANS Ondo State is already in talks with other States, should the army fails to heed to our call for a Nation wide protest at all Military barracks in Nigeria.

Solidarity Forever,We love our country and it must work even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice of the common good.

President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR)

Gov. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN (Governor Ondo State)


Minister of Defense

Minister of Education

Nigerian Defense Headquarters

Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya (COAS)

Brigade Commander 323 Artillery

Special Adviser Security Ondo State






*Comrade Omotoso Surprise

*Comrade Akinola Elijah Temitope

*Comrade Ogunjimi Tolulope James

Olanisimi Babatunde Olarewaju 
Director of Media and publicity

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