ASUU Slams Senate President Over Comments On NANS Protest, Claims Union Lobbied NASS To Avoid Strike But They Failed

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has reacted angrily to Senate President Ahmed Lawan's request that protesting students refrain from disrupting political events.Professor Ayo Akinwole, the Chairman of ASUU University of Ibadan, described the comment as "the height of insensitivity," adding that Lawan symbolizes a class of political vipers set on harming the future of the masses' children in order to get access to Nigeria's riches.

As a presidential candidate for his party, Akinwole claimed that the Senate President has not demonstrated the ability to address problems by failing to recognize the value of education above political activities.

The Union had asked the National Assembly to avoid the strike, but the Legislative body refused, forcing the Union to take the destiny of her members into her own hands, according to Akinwole.

He went on to remark that it was unimaginable for a high-ranking political official to prioritize political activities over education, claiming that the country had regressed as a result of their inaction.

ASUU started a strike on February 14 this year to obtain new conditions of service, funding for public universities, and deployment of the University Transparency Accountability Solution (UTAS) among others.

Prof Akinwole stated that those in political offices are non-challant because, for most of them, their children school abroad.

While urging Nigerian students to own their struggle and take over their destiny, Professor Akinwole stated that the best way to destroy a country is by destroying education which is what the ruling class among whom the senate president is are pursuing with ferocious vigour.

“It is inconceivable for a Senate President to see political activities as more important than having students back to learn and develop the society. The Union, ASUU, informed, lobbied and appealed to the Senate to avert the strike but they were not forthcoming.
"We see a home that serves the governing political elites rather than Nigeria." Nothing can be taken away from this group of politicians except their access to the common money. That is a symptom of carelessness.

"Have their own welfare concerns not been addressed?" I applaud Nigerian students' will to fight for their own rights. Education is a privilege, not a right. Nigerian students, for example, have an intrinsic right to be worried and to take whatever steps they see necessary to ensure their future."

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