You Are Fast Becoming A Tyrany NANS Tell Ile-Oluji Rector Alleged Rector of Harbouring Sexual Abusers.

The leadership of National Association of Nigerian Students, Join Campus Council (JCC), Ondo State Axis wishes to use this medium to call the attention of the whole world to the tyrannical abuse of power and obvious shielding of sexual abusers by the Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Ile-Oluji, Prof. Fasakin.
The secretariat of NANS had received lots of calls and complains about the alarming rate at which the staffs of the polytechnic molests and sexually abuses the female students of the institution.

On March 16, 2022, NANS led a delegation to engage and inquire more on the inhumane act been meted out on the female students. The delegation led by NANS ONDO STATE Chairman, Comr. Omotosho Suprise met the management of FEDPOLEL on the several reports of sexual abuse of students by staff and members of the top management team and the consequential rustication of the Students' Union President, Comr. Roland, on the issue.

After the very peaceful protest and the meeting with the management, NANS delegation returned to their respective campus hoping the situation has been handled and the Rector, Prof Fashakin would nip the situation in the bud but the rector in his tyrannical behavior resorted to use the Department of State Security (DSS) and the Nigerian Police Force to intimidate the NANS leadership of the State in a bid to protect his staff and management caucus that have been accused of a filthy and despicable charge unworthy of a citadel of learning.

The entire leadership of NANS ONDO STATE appreciates the DSS, Commissioner of Police Ondo State and the Area commander Ondo for the fatherly role and handling the issue in a matured manner.

The cases of sexual abuses has eaten so deep that members of the top management team confidently lodge students in hotels and threaten those who summon the courage to say NO.

We can't but ask why Prof. Fasakin is taking sides with these sexual offenders and not those abused? Why would anyone in his/her right thinking shield sexual offenders? Dear Nigerians, it is now very obvious to us all, that Prof. Fasakin is a power drunk tyrant and an accomplice in the rampant sexual abusing of female students

Consequentially, the tyrant Rector and his management invited students to the Student's Disciplinary Panel because of the protest that was staged by NANS and to further intimidate the entire students populace from crying out in the future. The entire secretariat of NANS would attend the Student's Disciplinary Panel as it was the association which protested at the polytechnic not the undergraduates of the institution.

It's rather unfortunate that Prof. Fashakin in his usual unintelligent manner threatened to shut down the gates of the polytechnic, we, NANS leadership, dare Prof. Fashakin to come true with his threat and shut the institution's gates. In a short period another Rector would take over as your (Prof. Fashakin) days in office are numbered.

Comr. Suprise Omotosho has reiterated his promise to the Nigerian Students to protect their rights, their lives and their properties against any form of intimidation, even from the irresponsible preying claws of the tyrant, Prof. Fashakin.

Following due protocols, Prof. Fashakin should be aware that we have alerted the NANS NATIONAL BODY , NAPS NATIONAL BODY, NANS ZONE D about the menace and to start mobilization against a tyrant if he continues on this treacherous path.

Prof. Fashakin integrity and image has always being questioned. As at last year, he was in an embezzlement net after psiphoning the polytechnic's funds for his personal use.

We will like to call the attention of the Federal and State Ministries of Women Affairs, Education and the Attorney General of Ondo State to investigate the cases of sexual abuse and warn off Prof. Fasakin from using security agencies to harass Nigerian Students. He is not the first tyrant we will face and will certainly not be the last we will confront! We cannot be cowed into submission!

Once again, we promise to be at the PANEL together. The leadership of NANS led the protest and we shall appear at the DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE

Viva Aluta!

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