The Owo Youths General Assembly Felicitate with Owo Local Government area students Union ( OLGASU)National body President

Happy birthday to a pragmatic Owo Local Government area students Union ( OLGASU)National body President.The Owo Youths General Assembly (TOYGA ) facilitate and celebrate with one of our good son of the soil in person of comr. Ojigbo Adewumi the 43th National President of Olgasu .

We wish you happiness, peace of mind and of course every goods things you deserve in life.

Comr. Ojigbo Adewumi, he's a dogged, dependable, ever courageous, unassailable, pertinacious, impeccable and indispensable student union leader in the struggle who is always conscious about the students unionism. A patriotic owo and Nigerian. He is a social reformer, his leadership and traits are worthy of emulation.

Once more Mr. President accept our best wishes for the future.

Aluta continua Victoria Ascerta
Grow in God's strength and purpose. Long lives you Mr. President.

President Elect

Icon Bash Adeola
Gen Sec Elect

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