NANS Ondo JCC & SUG Presidents Endorses BABTEE For NANS Vp National After His Official Declaration

In the heat of the 2022 oncoming NANS election, all Ondo State Senators(SUG Presidents) have come to the point where a consensus was reached to endorse and support Comr. Akinteye Babatunde a.k.a BabT as their candidate for NANS Vice-president National candidate.
Comr. Akinteye Babatunde has been blessed with a good legacy of precedence in his previous leadership administration he was privileged deserving to lead. His antecedents was characterized with absolute execution of the people's(Students) will, he is a man who is administratively judicious and intellectually packaged and understands the fundamental principles of being a democratic leader.
To mention but a few, he has  served in the capacity of the National Association of Nigerian Student’s Joint Campus Committee [NANS JCC] Ondo axis Chairman.
After seeing and examining his previous antecedents, all Ondo State Student’s Union Government President, therefore, endorsed their candidate for the Post of NANS National Vice-president.


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