ASUU Strike: Why Nigeria Must "Sergius Ogun" To 'March' Out Of The Dwindling Educational Sector, Among Others by Comr. Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi (BARRYFEM)

It/she/he was born over 60 years ago with a true tag of 'a land with milk and honey' but being controlled by leaders filled thistles and thorns against the citizens which has led to stagnancy.The current stagnant position of Nigeria that could be compared to "a non breathing or non-living thing" will make me to adopt the pronoun 'it' in place of a"she or he".

Just as Lawyer Dele Farotimi captured; if Nigeria were to be a 'she', she would be a carnibalistic mother. And if it were to be a 'he' he would be the most irresponsible father. The irresponsibility that has made him allow his children to wander in abject poverty and utter backwardness.

The above illustration and the stagnant state of Nigeria will make me stick to the pronoun 'it' for the purpose of this work.

The Palpable situation of Nigeria as seen in all sectors has always call for serious concern and attention.
There are major problems seeking drastic approaches to solve them but we've got the leaders who instead of utilizing the available means and the blessing of "milk and honey" to attend to these problems for the development of Nigeria, would rather attend to frivolities such as their pecuniary and politically motivated and selfish interests.

It's so unfortunate that we have majority of these self-centered leaders in power. Among the executive, legislative and Judicial arm. It's not to say that Nigeria does not have some good Leaders just that they are very few in number.

Out of the very few good ones is the great Honourable Sergius Oseasochie Ogun who understands the plight of the masses and is acquainted with the right solution to our problems in Nigeria. This great leader masterminded a bill in the federal parliament to make our leaders focus more on the problems of Nigeria and solve them, rather than wasting away themselves and our resources outside Nigeria. Unfortunately, the lofty bill was rejected.

Sergius Ogun is a lawyer and Politician who hails from Edo state, Nigeria. He represents the Esan North-East/Esan South-East constituency of Edo state in the federal House of Representatives of Nigeria.
As a capable parliamentarian who understands the plights and needs of the people, the need to sponsor bill for the welfare of the people becomes necessary.

In what was a laudable step and a giant stride taken by this Honourable member, was that he sponsored a bill that sought to stop wards and children of Public servants(Politicians and others) from traveling abroad to acquire an Education.

He was told by some Honourables like himself to step down what should be termed "a bill for the people". This same bill was subsequently rejected by these parliamentarians who saw that they would never allow their children to school in a country they serve! a country they've refused to develop its educational sector.

What a shame! They bill must have been rejected by them due to some selfish reasons; self-centeredness and the undeveloped state of the sector. Or perhaps, they feel insecure and fear terrorism, kidnapping, banditry, thuggery and so many problems happening under their leadership.
They wouldn't joke by bringing their children to school in Nigeria. But the children of the masses, they want to keep wallowing in this state with no progress in the educational sector.

It's very important to note that the progress of this stagnant Nigeria will start manifesting if its leaders start focusing and dwelling on the internal issues with a selfless and patrotic mindsets.

The bill that was rejected would have within few years cause positive changes in the Educational sector of Nigeria. Leaders who have their children schooling in Nigeria institutions will never open their eyes and allow the backward state of these institutions.

Rather, the leaders would focus more on what is needed to be done to develop the Educational sector of Nigeria and to make it match a global standard.

A nation and leaders that depend on advanced countries for health, Education, security, food and many others, without focusing and developing themselves will never move forward!

Here in Nigeria, almost all the Politicians have their children in American schools and many other around the world! While they shamelessly abandoned their own country to fate and whatever happens!!!

One of the biggest war that has ravaged the Educational sector in Nigeria is the issue of incessant strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics and others!

The Federal Government of Nigeria over the years have in their irresponsibility allowed these Union to paralyze academic activities in Nigeria.
After the warning strike recently declared by ASUU, as at yesterday, the students have been forced into another 8 weeks strike.
The children of the masses are facing the consequences while the children of these selfish leaders are in schools abroad having uninterrupted academic years.

If we must change the unfortunate and sardonic status of our Educational sector and others, the leaders and the led must all focus internally and solve the peculiar problems facing NIGERIA!

Above all other things, the leaders must set aside personal and party interests to give us a developed state.
And in conclusion, NIGERIA must "Sergius Ogun"to March out of the dwindling Educational sector.

A 400 level Law student of AAUA

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