Save-Akungba: Incessant Accident On Akungba-Ikare Road ; Words ARE Not Enough! Open letter To Gov. Akeredolu

Your excellency,
The primary purpose of every government is said to be the security of lives and properties of the people, this is as enshrined in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria (1999 as amended)

The last few months in Akungba has been filled with tears and anguish. The land has witnessed lots of tears from avoidable accidents.
You will recall your excellency, on 23rd January 2021, that's about a year and one week ago, the land witnessed a great loss, as a fatal accident claimed many lives of vibrant and promising Nigerians, including the then immediate past students union president of AAUASU, Comr. Samuel Oluwatobi Adesomoju (Sampraise).
This followed the massacre that was recorded in December of the year 2020 where scores of lives were lost to heavy duty motor accident.

Your Excellency sir, following the January 23rd 2021 accident, you visited and promised that a solution would soon be found to the OKERIGBO road that has wasted many promising lives, damaged properties and tampered with many future, but since then, it has often been words and no action.

The barricade that was erected to serve as a means of curbing at least temporarily this menace has been turned to a toll gate where money is been charged and anyone who dare to raise his voice against such cruel, inhumane and insane act would be subjected to all sort of victimization and attacks.
We have severally on different occasions written letters to this effect, called your attention to this and the danger of of having these heavy duty trucks still plying our road. All our efforts seem not attractive enough.

Mr governor sir, of a truth we appreciate the fact that you have presented the design for the rehabilitation or dualization of the road to the community. But at this point your Excellency, words are not enough!
Since the last time you promised to find a lasting solution and now, countless of accidents had happened on the road with many loss of lives and both physical and psychological injuries caused.

On Tuesday February 1st, 2022, an accident occurred and about 5 persons died on the spot! Two days later, 3rd of February,2022 two different accidents happened as well!

Mr governor sir, we cannot continue like this! This bloodshed is really getting serious!

Akungba community host a state university that have over 20,000 students. These students had traveled from far and near to get trained for a better tomorrow. It can only be imagined than experienced what we are going through as students! To cope with the academic and emotional stress of life coupled with the psychological alertness that one might leave home and not return is something that is contributing to alot of academic failures.

No parent would sleep peacefully sending their wards to Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko with this daily sad news of incessant accidents on the roads.

Mr governor sir, I won't just rant, I will list a number of things I feel should be done to reduce this incessant accidents.

1. The road should be closed down temporarily for heavy duty motors. There are arguments that it's a federal road, and I like to ask, will the heavy duty motors still ply the road when the reconstruction finally begins? Is that the only road they can pass? If the answers to these questions are negative then, I feel it's possible for the state government to issue a directive to be strictly executed.

2. There should be creation of trailer parks. One park can be created around Supare Akoko in Akoko South West, another one should be created in probably Arigidi axis in Akoko North West. These heavy duty motors would park there till 11pm when they would be allowed to move and once it is 5am, none lf them would be allowed to enter or exit the parks till its time again.
This will in turn generate revenue for the government, reduce the risks of loss of lives.

3. Dualization of the road. As earlier acknowledged that the design for this is already available, it is good the government quickly swing into action because this is gradually becoming a very urgent situation and it thus needs urgent and immediate attention.

Your Excellency sir, our situation right now is like that of a bird on a line, no rest for either the bird or the rope! We need a serious help.

Our silence is no longer golden because we don't know who might be a victim tomorrow.

Kindly look into these recommendations above, and hearken to our calls. A stich in time saves several others.

Thanks on anticipation

Yours sincerely;


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