Unnecessary Hike In House Rent By Akungba Landlords : What Is The Way Forward by Comr. Ezekiel Oluwafemi Ogidan

The unremitting hardship to afford the increasing cost of living in Nigeria, although, connects majorly to the downturn economic situation of the country is currently experiencing.However, one issue that is seeking attention is the unnecessary hike in services that should ordinarily be affordable, but in the sake of taking the advantage of our already porous economy, the providers of this services, most especially housing in the local communities, have continued to make cost of living unbearable for average citizens.
Narrowing the above national issue to our focus topic, in this article, our attention will be drawn majorly to the students-landlords relation in the aspect of housing in Akungba, the host Community of Adekunle Ajasin University.

Demographically, the population of Akungba is close to about 35,000 inhabitants. However, it is important to note that this influx of population in the community is encouraged by the State University situated in Akungba and, in fact, can be said to be the face of development in the community. About 70% of the Akungba population is occupied by students(over 21,000) and other management staff working directly or indirectly in the university.

Considering the impact of the University in the community, it is very urgent to also address the unnecessary and unbearable hike in house rent in the community as it majorly affects Students who are still struggling with the hike tuition fee being payable in the university. As situation where no fund has been expended on maintenance of a house in the last five years and more, and the owner of such house is coming up with an increase in fee payable for rent should not be encouraged in a student environment like Akungba.

It is, therefore, very important for relevant students' stakeholders to come on board and channel a way-foward to this issue before it spread across the community.

The Students' Union leadership should in a matter of urgency revitalize the Students-Landlord platforms where issues regarding housing will be discussed in a bid to stop the economical extortion of our students. Also, if it becomes necessary and genuine that there should be increment in house rent in a particular Students' villa, such notice should be passed ahead within a reasonable time frame to enable Students living in the villa to decide if the can continue to take shelter in such villa.

Also important to note is that the university should make efforts in the direction of building and making more provisions for more hostels inside the university campus to accommodate more students population. Currently, 90% of students population are living off-campus due to very low availability of hostels inside the university campus.

In conclusion, it has become important to make more efforts towards sustaining the welfare and well-being of our students. In order to improve their university experience, we must, among other things, create a room for affordability in the cost of living.

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